IRS Audits

Help With IRS Audits

The IRS audits tax returns to verify the information reported. It is supposed to look for “substantial compliance.” This term is generally believed to be 80 percent or more correct.

But IRS audits do not stop there. The IRS has processes for gathering and requesting information. The information can then used to evaluate whether the tax return should be surveyed (i.e., reviewed informally and the audit closed) or examined and closed with no changes or by proposing changes.

The IRS audit will typically conclude with the issuance of a no-change letter, or a 30-day letter or 90-day letter proposing adjustments. If adjustments are proposed, the case may need to be appealed to the IRS Office of Appeals or litigated.

The IRS follows procedures in conducting audits. The way the IRS audits are conducted also follow established patterns. By knowing these procedures and patterns, it is possible to (1) help the IRS auditor close the case efficiently and, in many cases, (2) minimize the amount of tax and penalties assessed.

As tax attorneys, we have handled hundreds of IRS audits. We have represented clients with IRS audits involving smaller tax matters to Fortune 500 companies with very large tax matters.

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