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Whatever your source of wealth, we can help you design strategies to maximize its potential for the long term.

We have decades of experience helping individuals and families in Dallas develop integrated strategies that help grow and protect their wealth through the following combination of services:

  1. Family wealth planning
  2. Corporate and business tax planning
  3. Investment advisory services

Planning for the long-term growth and conservation of your wealth requires myriad decisions that protect your needs, as well as those of your family. These decisions need to address every aspect of your financial affairs — investments, income, and transfer-tax issues, charitable objectives, insurance, and retirement needs.

If you own a business, real estate, or other assets, we can help ensure both your personal and company financial goals are addressed.

Unlike many other tax and investment advisers, we are objective. We have no vested interest in the choices we present to you or in the decisions you make. We do not sell products or manage assets; rather, we help our clients select the best available solutions based on specific criteria.

Therefore, our tax attorneys are able to provide independent and objective assistance in helping develop the wealth strategies that will best meet your needs.

Our Approach to Tax Planning

By taking a holistic and integrated approach to wealth planning, we help you develop and examine your strategies from several angles:

  • Your personal and family needs.
  • Investment objectives.
  • Tax implications.
  • Wealth-transfer intentions.
  • Charitable-planning goals.
  • Insurance needs and risk profile.

This comprehensive approach enables you to plan better for the long term and helps preserve your assets. Moreover, our tax attorneys are able to offer an objective view in helping develop wealth strategies that will best meet your needs. We do not receive commissions or fees based on the sale of investments or other financial products.

Just as important, we maintain strict confidentiality. Having advised many of the wealthiest individuals and families around the world, we appreciate and respect our client’s need for confidentiality.

About Tax Attorney Advice

Tax advice from an attorney can help save quite a bit of money. The savings can come from actual taxes, penalties, and interest that are avoided, and/or the opportunity cost of working with others or trying to do it yourself.

Here are a few examples of the types of tax advice we recently provide:

  1. Technical questions about the research tax credit, depreciation, inventory, and tangible property regulations.
  2. Technical questions about accounting method changes and timing issues.
  3. Real estate transactions, including Sec. 1031 exchanges.
  4. Reporting of lawsuit settlement awards, including those that are not taxable compensation for physical injuries or sickness.
  5. Business leasing and sale transactions.

We work with clients of all sizes and economic means. Our tax advice projects range from several hundred million dollars to a few thousand.

With each project, we identify the client’s goals and work with them to find appropriate solutions to accomplish those goals. As attorneys, we can even draft and prepare most of the related legal and accounting documents.

If you are in Dallas or elsewhere and need tax advice, we’d like to hear from you. Please call our Dallas tax attornneys at (469) 895-5141 to schedule an appointment.

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