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An IRS audit can be a stressful experience.  If the IRS makes adjustments and imposes penalties and interest, it can also be an expensive experience. 

While the audit rate is low, when a return is pulled by the IRS for audit, you have to act promptly and strategically.  As Dallas tax attorneys, we can help with this.  

An IRS audit is about information.  The audit itself is merely an exchange of information.  The exchange ends in the IRS making a decision on the audit.  That decision might be to survey the tax return (and not even pull it for audit officially), to close the audit with no adjustments, to close the audit with adjustments, or to allow or disallow refund claims.  

About IRS & State Audit Information

The information needed varies from case to case.  The task is often to provide the IRS with just the information it needs to resolve the case and to do so in a format that the IRS needs to close the audit.  This does not mean full disclosure. This means providing the least amount of information that is legally required and necessary for the IRS or state auditor to close the audit.  

The “art” of handling audits relates to knowing what information to provide and when. IRS and state auditors are trained to elicit information. They start the audit process with superior knowledge. This allows them to solicit information that is harmful while carefully avoiding anything that may support your positions or defenses. Taxpayers are at a severe disadvantage in this exchange.

The IRS has the burden of proof on certain items, such as additions to income and most penalties. Taxpayers have the burden for tax deductions and tax credits. These concepts set the rules for what has to be provided and what should be provided.

How We Can Help

If you are facing an IRS audit, it is important to have experienced legal representation on your side. At our tax law firm, we have extensive experience handling IRS and state audits and can help you navigate the audit process to minimize your tax liability and protect your rights.

There are three types of IRS and state audits that you may encounter: correspondence audits, field audits, and administrative appeals. Here is a brief overview of how we can help you respond to each type of audit or appeal:

  • Correspondence audits: A correspondence audit is an audit that is conducted through the mail. If you receive a letter from the IRS requesting additional information or documentation, it is important to respond promptly and accurately. Our attorneys can help you review the request, gather the necessary documentation, and prepare a response.
  • Field audits: A field audit is an audit that is conducted by an IRS agent in person. If you receive notice of a field audit, it is important to cooperate with the agent but also to protect your rights. Our attorneys can accompany you to the audit, review the agent’s findings, and assist in negotiating a resolution.
  • Appeal letters: If you disagree with the findings of an audit, you can file an appeal. Our attorneys can review the audit findings, prepare a strong appeal letter (i.e., a protest for IRS disputes and a redetermination for Texas state disputes), and represent you in the appeal process.

If you are facing an IRS or state audit, it is important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Our Dallas tax attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the audit process and protect your rights. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (469) 895-5141 to schedule an appointment.

Experienced Audit Attorneys

We know IRS audits and we have an enviable track record when it comes to IRS audits. 

We handle everything from correspondence audits, compliance campaign audits, global high net worth audits, and traditional field and international IRS audits.  We help clients respond to IRS inquiries in advance of audits.

We also represent clients whose audits resulted in adjustments and penalties before the IRS Office of Appeals and in court.

If the IRS has contacted you about your tax returns, we want to hear from you.  Call our Dallas tax attorneys at (469) 895-5141 to schedule an appointment.

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