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IRS state tax appeal

The IRS and state and local tax authorities often get it wrong. Luckily, most decisions or determinations involving tax matters come with an administrative appeal.

This includes IRS and state appeals for tax audits and refund denials, collection hearings, and even property valuation protests.

Each administrative office or tribunal has its own procedures and rules. This typically includes written procedures and those that have been developed informally through the office or agency’s operations. Other procedures stem from successful challenges by taxpayers in court or otherwise.

IRS Office of Appeals

For tax audits and collection matters for federal taxes, penalties, and interest, most can be appealed to the IRS Independent Office of Appeals.

IRS Appeals prides itself on being independent of the rest of the IRS. With limited exceptions, IRS appeals officers cannot interact with other IRS employees. The IRS appeals officers are tasked with settling cases. They do so based on the “hazards of litigation.” This is a term that refers to what is basically a guess, stated in a percentage, as to the likelihood the taxpayer would win if they litigated the case. Most cases do settle with IRS Appeals.

Texas Comptroller Redetermination

Audit adjustments for Texas sales and use tax, franchise tax, and other taxes usually trigger a right to a redetermination hearing. This redetermination process is handled by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The Texas Comptroller will often refer these cases to the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings. An administrative law judge with the SOAH will then review the facts and evidence and render a proposed decision based on their review. The Texas Comptroller usually accepts these decisions but is not bound to do so. Most cases do not end up in the taxpayer’s favor in these hearings.

County Assessor Protests

Disputes over property taxes in Texas trigger a right to an administrative appeal. These disputes usually relate to valuation issues, exemptions or denied exemptions, and closed businesses. The appeal is handled by the county assessor. If properly put together and presented, many property tax appeals result in determinations that are in the taxpayer’s favor.

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