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Tax Attorneys Helping Clients Located in Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land is also home to quite a few small businesses. The lower-crime and child friendly neighborhoods help attract these businesses. The concentration of businesses also attracts the interests of the IRS and state comptroller employees. The Fort Bend County Tax Assessor also has an office in Sugar Land.

We have worked with a number of clients from Sugar Land. It’s proximity to the IRS’s office on Highway 59 and Gessner makes it easy for IRS agents and revenue officers to commute to. Our Southwest Office is located in the same vicinity. It is on Highway 59 just north east of Sugar Land.

Client Projects in Sugar Land

Here are a few examples of projects we worked on for clients in Sugar Land:

  1. Unfiled tax returns for a widow who owned several rental houses in Sugar Land. The houses were built in the 1980s and needed updating (they were the standard 2-story large box houses common to Sugar Land). The executor had spent 1-2 years repairing the houses and had neglected to file tax returns for the estate. When she was done and ready to distribute the properties to the heirs, she contacted a probate attorney. They directed her to us. As it turns out, the widow had not filed her own tax returns for nearly a decade.
  2. Sales tax audit for a home-based IT company. The company had significant revenues. Unfortunately, the owners didn’t realize that their services may have been taxable. Texas is one of the few states that impose sales tax on services.
  3. Tax planning for the sale of a commercial strip center located in Sugar Land. The owners CPA had reported the property as a single 39 year unit of property for depreciation purposes. We assisted with a cost segregation study to reclassify the property into smaller units of property and to take the missed depreciation deductions and partial asset dispositions.

These are just a few examples of projects for clients in Sugar Land.

sugarland tax attorney

Tips for Hiring the “Right” Tax Attorney

Comparing tax attorneys can be challenging. Even within a tax law firm, the skill sets vary. Your task is to find the right attorney. Here are some tips:

  1. Look for a tax attorney who has the experience level you need. Is it a 2-4 year tax attorney or a 15+ year tax attorney?
  2. Verify the tax attorney has worked on cases like yours.
  3. Do you need someone with specialized tax experience?
  4. What is your budget? What fee structure does the tax attorney offer–hourly, fixed, or contingent?
  5. Is the tax attorney responsive? You’ll probably be working with the tax attorney for some time, so you should ensure you like them and can work with them over time.

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