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Our main office is located in Sharpstown. It is located on I-59 and Hillcroft Ave.

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We office in Sharpstown given the central location. Our office is located two stops north of the IRS’s main office on S. Gessner Road. This makes it less time consuming to attend IRS audit meetings, appeals conferences, and to talk to IRS attorneys in person.

There has been significant investments to improve the Sharpstown area. Parts of Sharpstown has been designated as an opportunity zone for tax purposes. This tax provision allows investors to defer and even avoid capital gains for investments in the area.

Projects for Sharpstown Clients

We serve quite a few clients in the Sharpstown area. Here are a few projects we have worked on for clients in Sharpstown:

  1. The sale of a Thai restaurant located in Chinatown. The sale was structured as a stock sale rather than an asset sale given the individual tax needs and profiles.
  2. Tax planning for a house flipper who operates in the Sharpstown area. The client needed help computing his tax basis in properties and timing the sales to minimize his tax exposure.
  3. IRS audit for a headmaster for a for-profit church-sponsored school.

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Call us at (281) 219-8484 to see how we can help.

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